What Makes a Natural Hairline Hair Transplant?

What Makes a Natural Hairline Hair Transplant? One of the biggest challenges in hair transplantation is creating a natural hairline. A hair transplant is considered to be perfectly done when it’s able to create a natural hairline. Most people who undergo hair transplant procedures are very particular on how the hairline would look after. The hairline serves as the border of the hair and is found just right above our face. This makes it very noticeable to ourselves and to others.

However, modern technologies used on hair transplant alone cannot assure the natural hairline outcome. It takes a good surgeon to create a natural hairline. Your surgeon should have an eye for art and beauty. Also, he should know the proper estimation and measurement. The position, evenness, thickness, and shape of the hairline should be perfect and accurate. It’s just like manually sketching shapes. If you don’t get to draw the borders right, you have already messed up the entire shape.

So what makes a natural hairline from hair transplant?

Follows Original Hairline

The hairline design is the most crucial factor in achieving a natural hairline.  And the best design would be to follow the original hairline; nothing else beats that. Everybody has an exceptional hairline that flawlessly fits the head since it is innate. Following this original form of one’s hairline requires a very specific set of skills.

Dense Hair Coverage

The hairline should have thick hair coverage, so there should be obvious spaces in the middle of the hairs. This will permit the patient to style the hair; however, they need it to be.

Accurate Starting Point

The hair serves as the frame of the face. Therefore, having hairline lower or higher than is appropriate can affect all your facial features. There is an ideal point on the head past which a hairline ought not to broaden, and behind which the hairline ought not to fall.

Right Direction and Angle

Each piece of our hair tends to develop in a specific edge. For example, the sides can become descending while the front may develop to one side or the left. If it’s not in the right direction and angle, the hair won’t get into the ideal shape, and it will look exceptionally unnatural.

Natural Hairline

There is no universal hairline. There’s not a  layout that suits all patients. Whatever works for one head won’t work for another head. No numerical or logical equation applies. The hairline configuration is workmanship, a work of art.

And the worst thing about an ugly-done hairline is that you can’t just cover it up with a good haircut or hairstyle. So choose your surgeon well. You really have to have your transplant done by the most efficient and skilled medical team.

Here at esteGrande, we make sure to provide you with the best-quality hair transplants, which includes natural-looking hairlines. Our surgeons know the importance of a natural hairline, for you and for us. And we have the skills and the eye to recreate your original hairline, if not better. Contact us for more details.

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