What Should You Avoid Doing after a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

What Should You Avoid Doing after a Hair Transplant in Turkey? After undergoing a hair transplant in Turkey, or in any other place for that matter, you will have to avoid a series of things for your results to last. Both your donor and receiving area would be quite sensitive after undergoing the trauma the procedure entailed. You may feel them tender and touchy. 

Many activities that you used to engage in, you will have to refrain from for the time being, lest you wanna risk it. Your surgeon will go over them with you. Here’s a list of what you should avoid doing after a hair transplant in Turkey, so you don’t forget.

Avoid Doing This after a Hair Transplant in Turkey

The following are a series of things that you better want to avoid if you are looking for satisfactory results.

Avoid Sleeping Lying Down

You usually sleep while resting your head on a pillow lying down in a supine position, right? Not this time. You will now need to sleep with your head at a 45-degree angle because the swelling could get much worse otherwise. 

Use extra pillows to put your head in that position. Don’t ever sleep facedown either; it will make things much worse.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Your scalp is not in the mood for some sun after the procedure, so don’t try it. The sun dries your hair, which weakens it, something not advised during the period they are still taking to the site. Protect your head with a hat that is not too tight if you need to go out in the sun for any reason during the first 4 weeks.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol interferes with blood coagulation, which is necessary for the incision to heal. Moreover, medications prescribed for your recovery tend to react badly with alcohol consumption. Do not drink during the first week after the surgery.

Avoid Getting Your Scalp Wet

During the first three days, you should not apply water to your scalp under any circumstance. After that time, you can wash it, but not under the shower. Use a cup filled with water. The cup allows you better control over the water that falls on your scalp, minimising possible damage from it. Continue this for at least 15 days or until your surgeon deems you fit to shower once again.

Avoid Scratching the Sites

Itching in both the donor and receiving site will be common. You must avoid the urge to scratch it at all times. There are ointments that you can apply to the donor area, particularly to soothe it. Regarding the receiving area, consult with your doctor about when you can actually apply a soothing treatment to it.

Avoid Sweating

If you are physically active, refrain from going to the gym or exercising anywhere at all immediately postsurgery. Sweat is damaging for hair grafts that are just talking to your receiving site. Don’t do it as you will only undo much of the work. Six to eight weeks of no physical activity is all it takes.

Avoid Using Other Medications

During the recovery period, ingest or apply only the medications recommended by the doctor. They should approve these beforehand and indicate their consumption accordingly for the rest period.

And that’s it; they are all basic, easy-to-follow post-op indications that you should not have much trouble with. Avoid doing them after a hair transplant in Turkey, and your results will turn out just great.

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