When Can I Use Normal Shampoo after Hair Transplant?

Since the moment you take off the bandage after your hair transplant procedure, you can appreciate the delicate grafts inserted in place. From the moment of grafting, they are attaching themselves firmly in your scalp and can look rather frail during the first weeks.

Their appearance leads to patients asking the question, “When can I use normal shampoo after hair transplant?” fairly often. We’ll address when and how it’s appropriate to get back to washing your new hair with normal shampoo.

When to Use Normal Shampoo after Hair Transplant

After taking your bandages, 3 days (72 hours) is all it takes for you to get back to washing your hair with shampoo. But you won’t use regular shampoo. Instead, our surgeon will either recommend a specialised shampoo for you or suggest you use baby shampoo.

Baby shampoo is more often recommended as a shampoo to use following hair transplant procedures because it is very mild and easy on the skin. Something that works marvels in the skin that just received hair grafts.

You will not use a regular shampoo in your hair for as long as our doctor deems it fit. This usually lasts around 30 days after your surgery. Meanwhile, you will stick with the doctor-prescribed shampoo or baby shampoo.

How to Apply Shampoo after Hair Transplant 

Whether you are using special shampoo or baby shampoo, follow these recommendations in applying it. There are two methods for you to apply shampoo after hair transplant safely.

First, pour a coin-sized load of it in one of your hands and use the other to spread it between them. With your fingertips full of it, pass the fingers very gently around on your scalp, delivering the shampoo to the area. Gently massage the scalp between the hairs. The key term is “gently.”

Avoid rubbing aggressively while spreading it on the receiving site since you might damage or dislodge the grafts.

We realise that this method requires much carefulness that the patient might not apply each time they wash it. Because of that, we encourage one alternative method.

Alternatively, you can also apply shampoo after a hair transplant in a much safer way by using a cup. Simply pour a decent, quarter-coin-sized dot of shampoo in the cup and fill it with water until half. Mix it up a bit with your finger too. 

Then grab the cup, put it over your head, and slowly let it pour into the scalp area. Repeat until you have covered the whole scalp and then use your finger to very gently massage it. After finishing, fill the cup with only water this time and slowly pour it to rinse.

As a side note, don’t use the baby shampoo for longer than 30 days since prolonged use leaves pimples on the skin. You can return to your regular shampoo after 30 days.

Why Use a Cup to Apply Shampoo after Hair Transplant

It is not only recommended for the shampoo application but for washing your hair efficiently and gently during the recovery period. Most showers shoot water rather aggressively, which will damage the scalp if you let it hit your head directly. 

Use the cup filled with water to have better control of the amount of water you pour and to do so gently. This way, you won’t risk damaging the procedure done.

For any other inquiry regarding the use of normal shampoo after hair transplant, please get in touch with us so we can assist you.

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