Our hair has significant importance on our overall confidence. You may know that people used to wear wigs during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to demonstrate their status and wealth. However, we have better ways to fix hair loss nowadays. Hair transplants are viable and relatively affordable solutions to conditions of hair loss. But what happens when hair transplants go wrong?

Choosing the right place is critical for achieving permanent and natural-looking results. Going for the cheapest option often brings severe scarring or unnatural results. 

Choosing the Right Place Is Critical

The main reason why people suffer from frightening scars or terrible-looking hairs is the fact that they went for the lowest prices in the market. Going for the lowest prices is understandable from your perspective; however, it is not a reasonable thing to do. Clinics that offer lowest prices often hire surgeons that are not experienced or even qualified to perform hair transplants. These clinics often work with uncertified doctors. Yet hair transplant operations require expertise, experience, and talent no matter how simple they may seem.

Patients who get their hair transplants in such clinics are bound to face risks such as surgical complications, scarring, and infections. You can type in “hair transplant gone wrong” in your search engine to see those terrifying cases for yourself.

Whom Should You Choose

We know the importance of being able to trust your surgeon before getting your hair transplant. That’s why, here at esteGrande, we hire only the most skilled, well experienced, and board-certified surgeons to work in our health institutions. We also employ well-trained technicians who are all specialised in their fields. Combining experienced and educated staff with cutting-edge technologies and equipment allows us to ensure you get the best results possible.

For example, the survival rate of your grafts during your operation has a significant impact on your final results. Harvesting donor grafts and properly placing them into your scalp is a demanding task that requires not only experience and education but also talent. We emphasise talent because hair transplant operations are somewhat artistic procedures. Your surgeon should be able to visualise the best possible results for you and actualise this vision using his skills.

The survival rate of your donor grafts also depends on how they are treated and kept during the time they spend outside of your scalp. That is the responsibility of our well-trained technicians. By utilising the latest technologies and techniques, they keep your grafts safe and alive, ensuring their survival and health.

Can You Fix a Bad Hair Transplant?

What if you have already gone through a bad hair transplant? It is hard to say whether it can be fixed entirely without consultation. However, our surgeons also deal with patients who previously had a bad hair transplant experience from elsewhere. What we are trying to say is that you should definitely give us a call if you are having issues and are wondering whether you can still get your hair fixed.

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