When to Visit Istanbul for a Hair Transplant Surgery

When to Visit Istanbul for a Hair Transplant Surgery, Beautiful Bosporus under the city lights, a great variety of delicious food, glamorous historical places. It is a great idea to visit Turkey at any time of the year for touristic purposes. Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in Turkey and attracts tourists for so many reasons. 

When to Visit Istanbul for a Hair Transplant Surgery

There is no doubt that one of these reasons is hair transplantation. Istanbul has over 350 hair transplantation centres and thousands of specialists. The hair transplant procedure is both affordable and safe in Turkey. There are even full-package options that centres provide. This makes the whole process easier. We will be happy to discuss this option for you. Just leave us a message.

Hair Transplant Process

Hair transplant is a long procedure, and it may take six to ten hours, depending on the transplantation area. The surgeon removes a tiny piece of your scalp using a scalpel then stitches the area that they remove. He separates the scalp strip into smaller pieces with a scalpel. They may split the piece into grafts containing one to three hair follicles. 

Using a needle, the doctor makes small holes on your scalp to transplant the hair and inserts hairs into the puncture holes. This step is grafting. Then they cover the surgical sites with bandages. Just like the process itself, taking care of your scalp after the process is really important.

After the Process

After undergoing the hair transplant procedure, you should go home and rest. Minimize your activities as much as possible until the next day. Make sure that you do not drink alcoholic drinks three to five days after the procedure. Also, swelling or bloating may occur after the transplant. To avoid swelling, you should sleep with your head elevated to forty-five degrees for three nights. Or you can also apply ice on your forehead for fifteen minutes every day to reduce swelling.

Your doctor will probably prescribe a suitable painkiller so you will not feel the pain. You shouldn’t go to saunas or go sunbathing for at least two to three weeks. Moreover, do not wash your hair for three days. You can wash your scalp after three days following your doctor’s suggestions.

If you are undergoing this procedure for the first time, it is a good idea to take a week off from work to rest at home. Also, when you are brushing your hair, you should be gentle and careful to avoid moving planted roots. You should observe the same care for a month. 

Hot air is also not good after the transplant, so you shouldn’t use hair dryers.

When Should You Go?

Hair transplantation can just be as successful any time of the year, but specialists claim it is best to go under this procedure in cold weather. Hiding your scars on your scalp with a hat would be easier in winter. Also, you will not get too sweaty, so you won’t have to wipe your scalp too often. The cold will also reduce the pain on your scalp. 

Istanbul attracts tourists mostly in summer since Turkey is also famous for its beautiful beaches. The plane tickets and hotels would be more affordable in winter than in summer too. Contact us for affordable all-inclusive packages we can offer you in our facility. esteGrande Instagram 

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