Why Are Eyebrow Transplants Beneficial?

Why Are Eyebrow Transplants Beneficial? As one of the key features of our bodies, eyebrows hold an important role in our overall physique. Completely losing the ability to grow eyebrows is concerning. Be it due to excessive grooming, injuries, illness, genetics, or localised alopecia, thin eyebrows affect your looks. But they are not necessarily a permanent problem.

The condition of thin eyebrows can be remedied with eyeliner drawing to simulate fuller-looking eyebrows. This, of course, requires constant redrawing of the eyebrow contour, even many times the same day.

Another, more permanent solution is tattooing the eyebrows to make them appear full again. This eliminates the need for redrawing them, but the results look less than ideal on close inspection. The search for a more natural-looking alternative as of now culminates in the eyebrow restoration procedure.

Importance of Eyebrows

The eyebrows are part of not only our faces’ look but also to our capability to show emotion to those around us. The position, shape, and height of the eyebrows allow us to clearly display emotional reactions without even uttering a word.

Moreover, their presence is necessary to maintain a pleasing and aesthetic look in our faces. So much so that altering them is common when grooming for an occasion. So it is a massive loss when they permanently get thinner and don’t grow back.

Dyeing, drawing, and plucking them to make them look shaper are all common makeup techniques. Despite the aesthetic value they provide, however temporary, doing them excessively can lead to thin eyebrows.

Mainly, constant and careless plucking can damage the underlying hair follicle, which is where the hair grows from. Once this happens, the hair from that particular follicle ceases to grow. This deterioration of numerous follicles will leave you with thinning eyebrows.

Eyebrow Restoration Transplants

The thinning and eventual loss of eyebrows can leave us a rather odd facial configuration, which can even be uncomfortable to look at. Eyebrows also serve the function of protecting our eyes from sweat and rain so they don’t impede our vision.

So restoring them carries as many functional benefits as aesthetic ones. This is true for younger people especially, since thin eyebrows make them look much older than they are.

If you happen to lose your eyebrows for whatever reason, know that it doesn’t have to be permanent. You can grow them back with an eyebrow restoration transplant.

An eyebrow restoration transplant is a procedure that functionally regrows natural-looking eyebrows. The seamless nature of the hair restored by it is due to the fact that it is your own hair from your own body.

The transplant procedure is usually performed using a follicular unit excision (FUE) transplant. An FUE transplant method excises hair follicles from the base of your scalp. These follicles are then grafted via many microscopic incisions made around your thin eyebrows.

After the procedure, the incision will scab. Two weeks later, the scabs peel off and the hairs fall out. This then makes way for new hair to grow from the grafted follicles. It takes four to six months to see the full results of this procedure.

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