Why Are FUE Hair Transplants So Popular in Turkey?

Why Are FUE Hair Transplants So Popular in Turkey? Around 85% of men around the world report a significant loss of hair before reaching 50 years of age, estimates say. Women fare a bit better, but just by a hair (no pun intended). 

Around 50% of women report seeing a significant loss of hair before age 50. Hair loss is a problem for both genders worldwide, regardless of what nation they belong to.

Being that it is such a huge problem, then someone, somewhere, probably already came up with a solution, right? Indeed, a hair transplant is the final answer for the hair loss that affects hundreds of millions of people.

FUE Hair Transplants

Hair transplant has had a bad rep—thanks to the technique used very early on, infamously known as “hair plugs,” giving results that looked odd. But that is a thing of the long, long past. Nowadays, the FUE hair transplant technique provides natural-looking results.

Follicular unit excision, or FUE for short, is the latest on hair transplants. During the surgery, the surgeon excises healthy hair follicles from the back of the scalp. Later, they graft those into the balding area via microincision.

The grafted hair will grow following the natural pattern of your hair so they will blend perfectly. The results are also long-lasting, owing to the hair on the back of the scalp being thinning-resistant.

And as of late, many people are going to Turkey for this procedure. This begs the question: Why are FUE hair transplants so popular in Turkey?

The Advantage of Turkey

Hair loss might be a global problem for all the people, but not all people can afford to correct it—at least, not in their countries.

Countries like the United Kingdom have the same level of strict regulation regarding hair transplant procedures than Tukey. Yet there they are costlier.

A hair transplant procedure in the UK racks a price that is three times that of the very same procedure in Turkey. I’ll rephrase that: Hair transplant procedures are three times cheaper in Turkey compared to the UK.

The reason for this stark difference in prices for the same procedure with the same level of quality comes down to one factor: procedural costs.

The UK is one of the most expansive, most developed economies in the world, so it naturally offers higher wages. But higher wages tend to result in higher costs for anything else, including services. 

All the logistics involved in performing a hair transplant procedure and the wages of those employed are higher in the UK as well. And this bill for the high cost is ultimately paid by the consumer.

In contrast, Turkey is a developing country, its wages are lower, and therefore, so are its costs for performing a hair transplant. So the reason why FUE hair transplants are so popular in Turkey comes down to attractive pricing afforded by the country’s economy.

Turkey’s popularity is such that foreign patients (many from the UK, in fact) come here to get their hair transplant done for an affordable price.

If your own country of origin has unattainable hair transplant prices, Turkey is the place where we can make your hair transplant dream come true.

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