Why Can’t Some Men Grow Beards?

Why Can’t Some Men Grow Beards? Beards have always been strongly associated with a man’s masculinity. You appear more manly and powerful with a beard. However, some men really can’t seem to grow a beard or facial hair. 

Why Can’t Some Men Grow Beards?

Some men who are in their 20’s have that inability to grow a beard. Does this make you less of a man? Well, no. Not at all.

Men are never created equal. Body or facial hair isn’t tantamount to virility or equate to being manly. Having less or no facial hair actually lies in your genes. It’s purely genetic. This doesn’t have anything to do with your level of masculinity.

Facial hair or any hair grows when dihydrotestosterone or DHT binds with your skin receptors. It’s not solely on your testosterone but mainly on how receptive your skin receptors are.

Your genes somehow predispose you to either grow a beard or have less beard than other men. That’s just the way it is.

Why Can’t Some Men Grow Beards – Facts on Having No Facial Hair

Some men look like boys because they seem to have no facial hair or beard. This isn’t an odd occurrence because it happens. Men would usually develop body and facial hair starting from their adolescent years, and this would become visible as they reach adulthood.

Well, it’s not an abnormality to have less facial hair than other men in your age group. It’s triggered mainly by your genetic makeup. 

Here are some other factors to consider on why some men aren’t able to grow beards.


This condition is a result of your own immune system waging war with your hair follicles. This can render you hairless on your face and also be partially or completely bald. This condition can be temporary but would need immediate treatment by a dermatologist.


You cannot really disregard stress one bit. Do you know that stress is one of the primary causes of cancer, heart ailments, and other diseases? 

Albeit, this is also one of the fundamental factors that affect the body’s capacity to grow facial hair. Stress could come from an unhealthy lifestyle or having deprived sleep which can lead to other complications apart from not having facial hair.

Sensitivity to DHT

Men who grow facial hair at a younger age are also more susceptible to go bald at an early point in time. On the other hand, men who tend to lack facial hair or grow patches or thin beard would most likely keep their hair intact for a long time. This is, in fact, good news.

All men do not have the same testosterone levels. Growing facial hair depends mainly on how well your skin receptors or your body responds to testosterone.

So, generally, the more sensitivity you have for testosterone, the more facial hair you would have. One plus factor attributed to having less or no facial hair is that you also get to avoid premature baldness or to lose your hair completely as you age.

So, having less facial hair or less sensitivity to testosterone may have some perks and benefits after all.

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