Why Does It Take a Full Year to Achieve Full Hair Growth?

Why Does It Take a Full Year to Achieve Full Hair Growth? Hair transplant is an effective way to restore your hair. However, every wonderful choice comes with a price. To see the most natural results, you should wait patiently for a certain period of time. However, your patience and care will worth the results.

Why Does It Take a Full Year to Achieve Full Hair Growth?

As you know, your new hair from a hair transplant is your own hair. Hair passes through certain stages every minute. As your hair follicles are newly placed, they have to go through all the phases into its most natural state. They nourish in time and come out eventually. Then your hair strands start to grow up rapidly.

In the first two weeks after hair transplant, your new hair follicles begin healing. The planted grafts attach to their new places in this period and adapt.

The first month after hair transplantation is a critical period for successful results. Approximately one month after hair transplant, shock shedding takes places. Your new hair sheds instantly. You may be curious or uneasy about this hair loss. However, this process is entirely natural.

From the second month, shock shedding ends and hair follicles begin to grow. They start to grow up. By the sixth month, hair follicles grow between 45 and 80 per cent. The hair is easily noticed with the naked eye. In the eighth month and afterwards, hair becomes thicker and begin to take its natural form.

To overcome this period faster;

  • Use the special care shampoo recommended by your doctor regularly,
  • Harmful habits such as alcohol and smoking may slow down the healing period and prevent their nutrition.
  • The role of stress in hair loss should not be ignored. 
  • Give importance to a healthy diet,
  • Do not use products such as spray or styler for a certain time
  • You can also use nutritional supplements for your hair in consultation with your doctor.

Today, 90% of hair transplants are made from hair follicles in the nape region, and your new hair starts to grow with your natural hair at the end of a year.

Postoperative Process

For a successful and healthy postoperative process, you should follow some recommendations. Therefore, you can get impressive results at the end of the year.

  • Lying on your back while sleeping can help you to a great extent.
  • We recommend you consume plenty of fluids to accelerate the healing process.
  • You must protect the hair from contact with liquid.
  • Your doctor will explain the first wash in the centre.
  • In the first ten days of hair transplantation, you should wash your hair regularly with lotions and shampoos every day.
  • If you see any problems, you should contact the hair transplant centre.

In esteGrande, we care for your health and use the latest technology to provide you with a comfortable postoperative process. You will get impressive results at the end of a year with our expert surgeons. esteGrande Instagram

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