Why Hair Transplants Aren’t as Taboo as You Think: Dealing with Hair Loss

Why Hair Transplants Aren’t as Taboo as You Think: Dealing with Hair Loss, In the past, hair loss problem is not even something people openly talk about. Hair loss problems affect a person’s self-esteem. While other people tend to give their unsolicited opinions as well. As a result, there isn’t much circulation of information about the problem and how it can be resolved. People just often deal with hair loss by hiding it through headwears like caps, bonnets, and even artificial hair. All these are just temporary solution, unlike hair transplant.

Why Hair Transplants Aren’t as Taboo as You Think: Dealing with Hair Loss

Cases of hair loss increased overtime with either men or women. People began to talk about their struggle with hair loss, even celebrities. There has also been an increase in products and methods that help people deal with hair loss. Hair transplant is one, if not the only, permanent solution to hair loss. 

However, there were a lot of negative connotations associated with hair transplants. Mostly because it wasn’t accessible to everyone. But hair transplant isn’t as taboo as you think anymore. Here are the reasons why:

Hair Transplant Clinics Now Offer Affordable Services for Quality Results

The booming business of hair transplant clinics just proves how there is an increasing demand for the procedure.  Today’s competitive market for hair transplant made it more affordable and accessible to many. One of the reasons why it was a taboo before was that it was too expensive for many people to afford and experience themselves.

Celebrities Share Their Hair Transplant Procedure to the Public

One of the biggest factors why hair transplant is no longer taboo is because of celebrities who openly talk about it. Some of these celebrities are Wayne Rooney and Joe Swash. These male celebrities also helped in inspiring men to opt for hair transplants. Society’s gender stereotype hindered men to be open about looking after their appearance. Women are expected to be vain and go through vanity procedures. However, hair transplant is not for vanity alone as it helps with self-esteem and a better quality of life. And if men do it for the sake of vanity, why not?

Hair Transplant Can Help Cancer Survivors

Chemotherapy causes cancer patients to lose their hair. Fortunately, hair generally grows back after successful chemotherapy. However, it takes six to twelve months.  If it does not, doctors say that if the hair doesn’t fully grow back at that point, the patient can be a candidate for hair transplant for as long as there are no other medical contraindications.

Hair transplant is no longer taboo because of how much it helps people. Not only women but also men. Not just celebrities but everyone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with undergoing procedures that will help you, especially with hair loss. For as long as you go to a reliable hair transplant clinic and talk to your surgeon about what you want. Here at esteGrande, we can help you throughout your journey if you feel that hair transplant is the solution for you.

If a surgical procedure is not for you, however, there are a lot of other options available. What’s important is that we respect and celebrate people’s choices that make them feel good about themselves. esteGrande Instagram

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