Why Is esteGrande the Best Place for FUE Hair Transplant?

Why Is esteGrande the Best Place for FUE Hair Transplant? Many men and women around the world suffer from hair loss. The most common cause of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, which is a genetically inherited type of hair loss. It can happen to anyone at any age, regardless of ethnicity. If you notice thinning on your hair and it bothers you, getting a hair transplant may prove very useful regarding your self-esteem.

esteGrande, the Pioneering Family

esteGrande is a pioneering clinic with renowned among international patients who choose Turkey as their destination. When it comes to hair transplantation, be it FUE or DHI, we employ the latest techniques and tools for excellence. We are and have been for 20 years providing natural-looking hair transplant treatments to patients from all around the world. With the methods we employ, it is virtually impossible to detect if a person has had a hair transplant here.

Under our roof, we employ the most skilled and experienced surgeons in the field of hair transplantation. Our medical team consists of devout professionals who always aim at excellence in what they do. 

We aim to change the attitude the public has about hair transplant procedures. For many years, hair loss procedures and people who seek hair transplants had a stigma surrounding them. We wish to show the world that there is nothing to be ashamed about seeking to restore one’s youthful appearance. Contrary to popular belief, hair transplantation is not a procedure reserved solely for the old male population. 

Hair Transplant Process at esteGrande

In a hair transplant surgery, our specialists transfer hair from the back of your head to the areas that are thinning. There are two main methods widely in practice nowadays, they are:

As our first step, we make an online consultation with our patients. In this preliminary consultation, we give our patients an estimate of how much hair follicles we can implant. Also, by contacting us, you can get a quote for how much the operation costs. 

After these initial steps are complete and you book an appointment with our experts. We take you in our clinic to make some pre-operative tests, and then you go into a consultation our specialist doctors. In this consultation, you can customise how much hair you want and where. We can shape this operation to your needs and wants.

When we take you into the operation room, our specialists will administer anaesthetics for your comfort during surgery. When we ensure that you are comfortable, the extraction phase begins. With the help of a micromotor, we select follicles for transfer and take them out. After the extraction is complete, we implant hair follicles according to your expectations. When all implantation is complete, we take you back to where you stay.

The day after the operation, we take you in for a check-up and voila, after the check-up you are free.

About 6-9 months after the hair transplant procedure, you will begin seeing new hair growth in the transplant areas. esteGrande Instagram

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