Why Is Istanbul the Best Place in the World for Hair Transplant?

Why Is Istanbul the Best Place in the World for Hair Transplant? Hair transplant is a reliable and permanent method for patients who have hair loss problems regardless of gender. The operation of hair transplant has become comfortable with the technological developments and improvements in the medical field. Turkey has benefited from these latest improvements. Therefore, there are lots of experienced surgeons in Turkey who are experts in their field. Turkey, especially Istanbul, offers a great quality of service to the patients coming from other cities in the world.

The hair transplant industry, which is one of the fastest-growing industries of Turkey, is also on the agenda of the world press. You can find more than 350 hair transplant clinics in Istanbul alone. Every month over 5,000 people come to Istanbul only for hair transplant and aesthetic applications. The hair transplant industry is worth approximately €1 billion and continues to move up.

Although we are one of the most developed countries in the field of aesthetic surgery and aesthetic surgery technology, not all centres offer the same quality of services. Therefore, do not rely on the name of Turkey, and do your research for healthy operation.

Istanbul has many centres accepting lots of hair transplant patients abroad. Therefore, it is the pioneer city in Turkey for hair loss treatment applications. There are many reasons for this success.

Accommodation and Transportation

One of the biggest concerns of patients who travel overseas for hair transplant is the accommodation after the operation. It is not easy to find an affordable and comfortable place. However, Istanbul has a number of hotels for every type of budget. 

With the new airport, Istanbul will certainly be hosting lots of patients in the near future. Besides that, many centres offer airport transfer to ensure your satisfaction during the whole process. They take the patients from the airport and drop them off to their hotels or the centre. Not only for the arrival but also for the departure they have a crew ready for transfer.

Geographical and Cultural Opportunities of Istanbul

Istanbul has a significant geographic location in the world as a bridge between Asia and Europe. Therefore, it has attracted millions of tourists throughout history. People consider the touristic purposes along with the quality of operations such as hair transplant. Therefore, it is natural to see tourists in Istanbul who visit the museums with a bandage on their head. 

Qualifications of the Centres in Istanbul

Hair transplant, like all other surgical procedures, carries a number of risks. In Istanbul, many centres have certain qualifications to have a successful hair transplant.

Istanbul is the best option to have a hair transplant as it has the following features. You should consider these features before having this operation.

  •  It has many doctors with a high level of expertise to perform the operation.
  • In Istanbul, the latest methods for hair transplant are used, making scarring almost nonexistent and offering comfortable operation process. In Turkey, FUE and DHI techniques are successfully performed and give satisfactory results to almost every patient. 
  • The hygiene rules that the centres follow are crucial. In a professional centre like ours, you do not have to worry about the risk of infection as all the equipment and operation room are sterile.
  • In Istanbul, you can find reasonable prices, which is one of the first factors considered when selecting the right hair transplant centre. There is a huge competition among centres in Istanbul, but you can find quality service at affordable prices in our facility. 

Considering these advantages, patients with hair loss problems all over the world prefer Istanbul to have the best quality of operation. esteGrande Instagram

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