Why More Men Are Opting For Hair Transplants

Why More Men Are Opting For Hair Transplants, Around 35 million men around the world experience hair loss or male pattern baldness. It’s an alarming number. The statistics alone would speak for itself. This is precisely why many men are now jumping into hair transplants.

Why More Men Are Opting For Hair Transplants

Hair transplant procedures have increased dramatically by 76% from 2006 to 2014. This accounts for 85% of male patients.  

The stigma stopped because of the advancement in hair transplant technology. Besides, popular celebrity figures have exclaimed wonderful results of their hair transplant procedures.

This has definitely been breaking the barriers. More men are now embracing hair transplants as a way to gain their hair and confidence back.

Advanced Hair Transplant Technology

Hair transplants are currently done in two routes – Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

With the FUE procedure, the patient’s head is entirely shaved.

The process would involve removal or harvesting of individual hair follicles from the donor implanted one by one into the patient’s head. 

The FUE procedure does not leave scars and has a faster recovery rate or less downtime.

There is an advanced technology that won’t require your head to be shaven clean. With the Micro Unshaven FUE or Micro FUE, there is no need to trim or shave your head.

It’s practically undetectable and very natural that other people won’t notice you’ve ever had a hair transplant done.  

This uses a local anaesthetic and can harvest from about 2,500 to as much as 5,000 hair strands in a single procedure.

The DHI procedure is the “gold standard” by many physicians as this an advanced procedure. This is generally used for maximum yield or if you want most coverage in the initial procedure alone. 

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Even Celebrities Promote It

Many celebrities have been open about their hair loss. They revealed how hair transplant procedures had transformed their personal lives and career. 

Celebrities like Wayne Rooney and James Nesbitt are proud of having a hair transplant done. 

They say that it has even helped them land more lead roles in movies.

Natural Look

If you are looking for natural results, then hair transplants can do that for you. With the advanced technology now on hair restoration procedures, you will get natural-looking hair in a short span of time. 

You will grow back healthy and more robust hair permanently. You will see the complete or full results in a period of six months to one year after the procedure.

Most men would just settle on using medications and shampoos like Propecia and Rogaine.  But, these are only effective with continuous use, and the results are only temporary. The hair loss would immediately progress once you discontinue treatment.

These new hair transplant procedures promise complete and full hair coverage. More so, you snag amazing results in a couple of months with very minimal downtime. 

Hair loss may be a natural part of ageing. Yet, you can turn the clock around with a hair transplant that can help you regain self-confidence.

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