Why the FUE Method Works Well for Eyebrow Transplants

Why the FUE method works well for eyebrow transplants. Our face is what describes us, and it directly affects our social life. To have a better impression on other people, we spend lots of money and time on our physical appearance. Along with other parts of your face, your eyebrows make a huge contribution to your beauty. Everyone wants to have thick, well-shaped eyebrows. However, undesirable circumstances may prevent that from happening. 

Why the FUE Method Works Well for Eyebrow Transplants

The eyebrows can be deformed over time due to many different reasons. Some cases can be genetic, and some can be caused by burns, surgeries, etc. This is where eyebrow transplantation comes in—to give one dense-looking and aesthetically shaped eyebrows. Eyebrow transplantation has become very famous in recent years with the use of the latest techniques.

The FUE Method for Eyebrow Transplant

The FUE method is a popular and modern method most commonly used around the world for hair transplantation on the head. Because eyebrow transplant requires a similar work for treatment, the FUE method can easily be performed on eyebrows as well.

The method removes microfollicular units. The FUE method gives excellent results for eyebrows on the condition that the hair specialist is very careful in removing and grafting the hair follicles.

The surgeon extracts hair follicles from behind the ear or from the back of the neck because these hairs are quite concordant to the eyebrow hairs. After extracting the hair grafts from various donor sites, the doctors prepare the hair follicles for placement into the eyebrow area. They then place them on canals that are penetrated by microscopic blades. The FUE transplant procedure for eyebrow can last for almost six hours. 

It needs very delicate work because the specialist has to uproot hair follicles very carefully and plant them with as much caution. If the doctor does not pay attention, the whole operation can go awry, giving unexpected results. The operation specialist also has to be very careful in planting the hair follicles at the correct angle in the problematic area to ensure the most natural-looking eyebrows. The FUE method is the best and most permanent treatment for your eyebrows. 

As you can see, with the FUE method, you can regain hair follicles from another part of the head. It means that it is not artificial or synthetic; it is your own hair. This is why the FUE method gives the most successful results for eyebrow transplantation. 

The FUE method works well for eyebrow transplantation; however, you still have to undergo the operation in a good-quality facility. Our facility offers you the best value for the worth of the surgery. Contact us for more information. 

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