Why There Is A Bald Spot and How to Fight It?

Why There Is A Bald Spot and How to Fight It? It is also known by the name Alopecia Areata; a bald spot occurs by the thinning and shedding of hair in patches from localized spots.

The spots start as around the size of a coin but expand and connect with each other enlarging the zone. Often, hair loss from them might reverse if acted promptly.

The main cause for the appearance of bald spots on the scalp is an autoimmune disorder. Due to various circumstances, your body falsely believes it is under attack.

An immediate defensive reaction ensues which should attack the disease, but since there isn’t any, it ends up attacking your own cells. And just so happens that your hair follicles are structures that are part of those cells.

How To Fight Bald Spots

There are several ways to deal with bald spots ranging from lifestyle changes to hairstyles and even surgery. Consider each one of them while trying to figure out how to deal with your problem.

Reduce Stress

Perpetual psychological stress can affect your body’s health in many ways, hair loss being one of the more noticeable ones. Severe stress is enough to trigger an autoimmune response that results in hair loss. 

Also, the condition ‘trichotillomania’ compels the anxious and stressed to pull their hair. Due to the constant pulling, the hair is eventually ripped, and the follicle damaged permanently, ceasing to grow.

To reduce stress:

  • Walk away from stressing situations of which you have little control over.
  • Exercise.
  • Schedule regular rest periods.
  • Sleep six to eight hours every night.

Those changes will not only help you fight bald spots but also elevate your quality of life substantially.

Eat Properly

Adopt a diet consisting of protein and vitamin B. Eggs, meats, leafy vegetables, and legumes are some of the most easily found.

If You Smoke, Cease It

The toxins left in your body from smoking disrupt both the nutrition process of the hair and your body’s ability to heal. It is an enormous detriment when expecting hair loss to reverse. Nicotine patches are a viable alternative to help you quit. 


It is also known as Finasteride. Propecia is a prescription drug for men with enlarged prostates. It has also shown promising results in stopping hair loss and even growing hair back. Side effects, however, might include reduced sex drive and increased risk of prostate cancer.


It is an over-the-counter compound that comes in liquid and foam presentations for spraying on the balding spot. It encourages hair growth by improving blood flow. It’s used to grow hair, but it does not address its underlying causes.

Hair Transplant Procedure

By harvesting healthy follicles from the base of the scalp and then grafting it in the balding area, a new set of hair can grow. Techniques have improved much in recent years, enabling natural-looking results. 

In our facilities, our experts apply the most effective procedures without any hassle. If you want to know more about them, you can get in touch with us.

Cover It Up

Several people opt to use specific hairstyles to dissimulate bald spots. Check with your barber for suggestions. Also, several hair care products can make your hair appear more voluminous to hide it better.

When the causes are spotted on time, most bald spots are preventable. However, only hair transplant can fix the hereditary hair loss problem.

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