Why Women Opt For Hair Transplants And Hairline Lowering Surgery?

Why women opt for hair transplants and hairline lowering surgery? There are millions of people who suffer from hair loss and baldness problems. It is a problem for both men and women. So, if you have a receding hairline, you are not alone. 

Why Women Opt For Hair Transplants And Hairline Lowering Surgery?

The ideal place for the hairlines to start is 5 – 6.5 centimetres above the eyebrows. Anything above these measures is too much, and a warning that you may have a prominent forehead. 

If this is the case, then you should start looking for solutions to fix this. Most of the women go for the hairline lowering surgery or hair transplant for solving this problem because they are the ideal ways for regaining the natural hairline that you had. 

What is the Hairline Lowering Surgery (Scalp Advancement)?

Hairline lowering surgery is a solution to the problem of receding hairlines. This surgery differs from the hairline lowering by hair transplant. The reason for that is the hairline lowering operation is achieved by advancing the scalp by surgical interventions.

This operation may have some negative aspects, though. The scars after the surgery are easy to see. And this operation requires a hair transplant surgery for hiding the hair loss around the scars.

What is Hairline Lowering By Hair Transplant?

A number of factors can make your hairlines recede. These factors include but are not limited to ageing, your genetics, side effects of medications, stress or some certain hormones. The reason why most women hate the recession of their hairlines is that it makes their faces look unaesthetic and out of proportion.

Lowering your hairlines by a hair transplant operation is a healthier and more feasible alternative to the scalp advancement method. To lower your hairlines with this procedure, the doctor transplants healthy hair follicles into your forehead. Later, these hair follicles grow, and you have your natural hairlines again.

Hairline lowering by hair transplant does not leave any scars. And although it is a permanent operation, it is easier to fix if anything goes bad. So, this operation sounds more logical, especially when you consider that you will receive the minimum amount of cuts and lacerations with this operation. An experienced hair transplant clinic doctor can offer you the best plans for regaining your lost hairlines.

Which One has More Advantages: Hair Transplant or Scalp Advancement?

There is a big difference between the ways they perform these operations. In the scalp advancement method, the doctors move your scalp further down, which is major aesthetic surgery. But while it is a hair transplant, the doctor takes the healthy hair follicles from any area on your body that has healthy hair follicles and is suitable for being the donor. 

Hairline lowering by hair transplant is also more suitable for patients who have male or female pattern baldness, especially if they have ongoing hair loss. The reason for that is the hair that the doctor will transplant is going to be way stronger than the ones on the front. The hair transplant operation also does not leave any surgery marks at all, which gives it more advantages over the scalp advancement surgery.


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