Why You Should Beware of the Hair Transplant Black Market

Why You Should Beware of the Hair Transplant Black Market, One of Turkey’s most rapidly growing industries in this decade is health tourism. By simply taking a stroll along Istiklal Avenue, which is one of the most popular avenues in Istanbul, you will see how. You will see many men and women wearing bandages or protective wear from headbands to nose bandages. The country is becoming more and more popular among international patients as both the quality of service and the costs are pretty lucrative. 

Around 750 thousand people visit Turkey for medical purposes each year, a report tells us. And around 60 thousand of these patients are here for a hair transplant. A simple mathematical calculation tells us that we do around 400-500 hair transplant operations every week.

What Is a Hair Transplant Operation

In the modern hair transplant procedures, we first extract individual hair follicles one by one from the back of the head of a patient. Sometimes, when this donor area is not enough for transplantation, we also utilise hair from under the beard and the chest. 

For extraction, we use an electric tool named micromotor. This device opens millimetric incisions around the selected hair follicles, and other medical personnel extracts them and puts them in a solution. During extraction, we pick up follicles from different parts of the donor area so as not to overharvest a single area. Aggressive harvesting may result in a patchy appearance around the donor area. 

When the extraction is complete, our specialist doctor opens tiny slots for hair called the canals. Other medical personnel steps in again after the canals are ready and they implant hair follicles one by one. After about 8 months, the new hair follicles begin growing again, and the patient gets to enjoy a more youthful appearance.

Hair Transplant Industry in Turkey

To respond to increasing demand, health centres such as esteGrande constantly employ more people, upgrade their equipment. In this era where the techniques are constantly becoming better, it is important to keep our staff up to date. Our personnel are select experts who are devoted to what they do.

While our clinic is keeping its name clean sadly, we cannot say the same thing for all the clinics in Istanbul or Turkey.

Seeing how lucrative this business is, many wanted to get on this bandwagon. Many clinics are more than willing to cut down on quality in order to offer a lower price. Patients looking for a cheaper price tag often fall for these low-quality clinics, and the results are often catastrophic. It hurts both the patient and the reputation of Turkey in regards to health services.

Though such practices are quite foreign to esteGrande. Our health centre located in Istanbul is fully licensed. With a quick search, you can verify that we conform to all the necessary government regulations. Our doctors are certified experts who hold appropriate degrees in their specialties. esteGrande Instagram

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