Why You Should Do Your Hair Transplant in Turkey

Why you should do your hair transplant in Turkey. We experience lots of stress as we go through our day-to-day lives because of endless demands from our schools, jobs, relationships, politics, etc. This accumulation takes its toll on our health, of course. With genetic factors to be considered, more and more people experience hair loss as a result. For some, losing their hair may have a drastically negative impact on their confidence and self-esteem. In this sense, we recommend you to regain your health by getting a hair transplant in Turkey. 

Why You Should Do Your Hair Transplant in Turkey

Many people, both men and women, who experience hair loss, seek hair transplantation options. The operation is quite a costly one though, so patients seek restoration of their looks elsewhere to get a better deal.

Turkey is the first country that comes to mind when it comes to hair transplantation. It is one of the most affordable places to get a transplant in. Rest easy, however; the low cost does not at all affect the quality of the treatment.

Turkey welcomes medical tourists from the Middle East, Europe, United States, and Australia. To put it simply, Turkey caters to patients from around the globe. High quality of service combined with affordable pricing, has put Turkey in the top 3 destinations for hair transplantations.

What Is Hair Transplant Anyway?

Hair transplantation is a type of cosmetic surgery. Often we do this operation under local anaesthetics. The hair implanted in a hair transplant becomes permanent in its new place. It is permanent because the hair comes from the patient’s own body. In this procedure, we take hair follicles from the patient’s other parts of the body. We take hair usually from the scalp and sometimes from the beard, under the chin, or the chest. Then we plant these follicles onto the areas experiencing hair loss.

EsteGrande Health Services: A Top-Notch Quality

Our world-class health services at esteGrande offer affordable options when it comes to hair transplantation to our patients. 

  • Getting hair transplantation in the United States of America costs around $15,000 on average. 
  • Getting the same hair transplant procedure in Turkey, on the other hand, cuts down the price to at least 50 per cent. 

For a fraction of what you would pay in your home country, you can get the same operation and service alongside a holiday in Turkey.

Affordable pricing is not the only reason people choose Turkey as their destination for hair transplants. Turkey has years of experience in hair transplants too, so you can be sure about the quality as well.

Differences from EU and USA Transplantations

In European countries and the USA, the doctors do not transplant more than 1,500 to 2,000 grafts in a single session. In contrast, hair transplant operations in Turkey average at around 4,000 grafts per session. That makes around 8,000 individual hairs implanted for each patient. With a higher average number in grafts, we can provide our patients with a more natural-looking outcome.

Of course, simply by the higher volume of operations that they do consistently, hair transplant professionals in Turkey are known to be more experienced than their counterparts in Europe and the USA.

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