Why Younger Men Lose Hair?

Why Younger Men Lose Hair? Hair loss is a well-known problem for men. We are used to relating baldness with ageing. Yet, studies in recent years show that the number of young people suffering from hair loss is increasing. 

Why Younger Men Lose Hair?

A 20 years old bald man might sound strange, but they do exist. There are, of course, various for this problem, such as genetic factors, a bad diet, stress, overly used chemicals. Now, let’s talk about them by one by.

Stress and Hair Loss

Stress is like the mother of all evil in our era. Even if you are a natural-born healthy person, undergoing stress can and probably will cause the malfunction of most systems in your body. As is known, our psychological situation states cause releasing of a number of hormones and other bodily substances. When you are in a stressful situation, whether acutely or chronically, those released substances disrupt your otherwise well-functioning body.

In the case of hair loss, it is the same. Stress-related substances disturb your hair growth cycles and cause bad effects on your follicles. Besides these, indirectly, this results in more harm to your hair.

A Bad Diet and Insufficient Sleep

The human body, as a magnificent super machine, needs its regular maintenance. This is nothing but your diet and sleep. Firstly, when you are sleeping, your body does regenerate and check all the systems in it that you used during the day.

If you don’t sleep enough, as well as other parts of your body, your hair follicles can’t have the time to check whether everything is okay or not.

Secondly, if you don’t eat well and consume nutritious food, your hair follicles can’t keep up with its growing cycle. You must give some water to your plant to make it grow. Let neglecting the nutritious foods, when you consume so much junk food, the ingredients in them harm your hair follicles.

Overuse of Hair Conditioners

Most of the young people now use numerous products in order to take care of their hair. However, those substances contain so many chemicals, and some of them, contrary to expectations, are very dangerous for your hair. In this sense, you must be careful about the products you use. Moreover, consulting a professional would be extremely helpful.

Genetics and Male Pattern Baldness in Particular

Let’s assume you don’t have stress in your life, eat well and get enough sleep, and stay away from chemicals. All of them checked! Yet, your hair is still falling off. Bad news, you might have a genetic sentence that condemns you to baldness at your most beautiful ages.

Male pattern baldness is a common one of these genetic issues. It is an inherited sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). If you have this, it is unlikely to stop the process and be ready for totally losing your hair.

So, be careful about your daily habits if you want to keep your hair. Even if you get bald, you can try hair transplant operations which are significantly successful. Either way, keep in touch with your doctor!

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