Will Hot Styling Tools Damage My Transplanted Hair?

Will Hot Styling Tools Damage My Transplanted Hair? When you get a hair transplant surgery done, you experience a sense of joy and happiness afterwards for your new look. After a hair transplant, you tend to feel younger and more fabulous. However, it would be best if you keep in mind that there are many other things that you must take note of after a hair transplant.

After the hair transplant procedure, you have to protect your hair from various elements. Here you will know the answer to a commonly asked question: Will hot styling tools damage my transplanted hair? 

Let us find out.

How Hot Styling Tools Damage Your Hair

If you are using hot styling tools, you must know that they can have many disadvantages and adverse effects on your hair. The excessive heat produced by hot styling tools damage your hair more than we think.   

We must understand that excessive heat damages our hair to a considerable extent. They weaken the roots of the hair and also make them frizzy. Note that if you are using a hot styling tool to style your hair, you are directly applying heat to your hair.

With high heat levels, there can be permanent damage to your healthy hair. Not just the weakening of the strand, but there is a massive loss in the volume of the hair as well. 

Also, there are many cases in which you can observe complete baldness and hair loss in an individual because of these hot styling tools.

So, is It Really Harmful?

The answer to this question is yes. When you get a hair transplant, your hair is very tender and young at first. Hence, applying an excessive amount of heat using hot styling tools can damage the hair strands a lot. So you must avoid the use of any hot styling tools on your transplanted hair. It will lead to damaging your hair.

Tips to Protect Your Hair from Heat

Here are some proven tips to protect your hair from heat. 

  •         To prevent damage to your hair during the summer, experts recommend that you minimise the use of hairdryers and hair straighteners. During sunny days, it is possible to resort to air-drying, perfect for limiting the damage caused by the summer climate. In case of bad weather, it is possible to use a hairdryer, but avoid using it at higher temperatures.
  •         To protect your hair, you can use a protective spray, preferably made with natural ingredients. Even wearing a straw hat or a scarf helps to protect the hair from the sun’s rays.
  •         When washing your hair in summer, it is essential to use cold (or lukewarm) water during the last rinse to prevent split ends and to make the hair surface smoother.

So if you are someone who uses styling tools on a daily basis, make sure to keep the above tips in mind. 


For healthier hair, in the long run, you must avoid the use of hot styling tools for your transplanted hairs. If you have any query or question related to your hair loss problems, you can contact us for advice and possible treatments.

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