Your First Haircut after a Hair Transplant

Did you go through a hair transplant recently? Then you must be excited and worried at the same time about your first haircut after the surgery. That’s only natural because it’s been a while since your last visit to the barbers and hairdressers. If you have questions about getting a haircut or styling your transplanted hair, this quick guide is perfect for you. Read on for some helpful information on your first haircut after a hair transplant.

When Can You Get a Haircut after a Hair Transplant?

You usually need to wait for at least one month before you can get a haircut after a hair transplant.

What you do leading up to the haircut is crucial. Your scalp may be more sensitive than usual following the cosmetic surgery. As a result, you need to be careful and follow specific aftercare instructions. Use only doctor-recommended shampoos, for example, to promote healthy and faster healing during the recovery period.

Certainly, it’s always best to check with a hair transplant expert to ensure that you’re healing properly. Here at esteGrande, we provide ample advice on how you can recover well and prepare for a haircut after a hair transplant.

Will the Barber or Hairdresser Know How to Give You a Haircut after a Hair Transplant?

Cosmetic surgeries like hair transplants have become very popular in the past few years for both men and women. Thousands of people undergo the procedure every year in the UK alone. For this reason, most barbers and hairdressers do know how to give you a haircut after a hair transplant.

If you’re still not assured, however, take some time to talk with them before getting a haircut. There is not much difference or anything special about your case of having transplanted hair. If anything, you would only have to take note that your scalp is sensitive. Learn about their services, ask them questions, and establish a relationship before booking your appointment. Your barber or hairdresser will surely be happy to serve you and accommodate your needs.

How Can You Have Your Hair Styled?

Follow the instructions to recover well and give your hair time to grow. If you do so, you can have your hair styled any way you want it. When you get a haircut after a hair transplant, you may prefer a shorter cut in the earlier stages. This is because it looks more natural and easier to maintain.

There are also a few things that your hairstylist can do. They can apply mousse or volumising products and use a special roll brush to blow-dry your hair. This method will make a big difference in your overall look. Work with your hairstylist closely and ask for their guidance on the best way to style your hair.

Consult with hair transplant service experts like esteGrande. We are more than happy to provide more information about hair transplants and guide you throughout the recovery process.

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