Your Hair and the Cold Weather, The fact is that the heat of the sun can have a tremendously negative effect on your hair. Due to this, you would think that the cool, quiet winter would actually be beneficial to it. But that would be wrong as well.

The cold of the winter months also happens to do a number on your hair. How? By leaving it dry, of course! The cold in winter eliminates humidity from the air entirely. 

No moisture means dry hair, and dry hair means breaking hair. But worry not. There are a couple of tricks to combat the situation of your hair and the cold weather that affects it.

Care for Your Hair in the Cold Weather

These are simple steps to take in order to keep your hair healthy during the winter climate. Pay attention to these things that you need to do.


Since you are likely not going to find humidity in the air, either outside or inside, naturally, you will have to make your own. First, add more deep-containing regimes to your hair-care routine. Two times a week, grab your favourite deep conditioner, put it on, and leave it on for 10 minutes than you usually do, then rinse.

Your hair will go a long way thanks to the extra moisture. Essential oils such as coconut oil will do just as well as any hair mask product for deep conditioning. Also, get an air humidifier for your home to restore some level of humidity.

Shampoo Less

Shampoo dries your hair, plain and simple. It is part of the process to get the scalp clean, but doing it often does nothing good for the hair. Limit you shampooing to two times a week max. Also, you should consider ditching commercial shampoos in favour of natural shampoos since those don’t have any sulphates.


The one hairstyle that would protect your hair here is braids. Braiding your locks together makes it unlikely that they are frequently pulled by hats or coat’s strands. However, in order to avoid pulling your hair out, wear loose braids.

No Heat

If you are a regular user of hair straighteners and hair dryers, drop them. You are trying to keep moisture on, not melt it away. Let your hair dry on its own or with a little help from a towel. In the latter case, use a microfibre towel to avoid tangling.

Massage the Scalp

Besides warming it up from the dreadful cold, massaging the scalp will improve the blood flow to it, providing warmth and nutrients to the hair. For maximum effect, add your favourite deep conditioner when doing the massage. Spray it on your hands and use your finger to spread it all around your scalp in a circular motion. 

Also, you can add the inversion method as a bonus. Simply sit and bend your body forward as a way to get your heart on top of your head. The position will send more blood rushing to your head while you massage it. Some more daring yoga poses are also good. Do this for 25 to 20 minutes a day.

And that’s it! Your hair will be ready to face winter and come out unscathed thanks to you taking time to apply these cold weather tips for your hair.

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