Zones of the Scalp and Their Importance

Zones of the Scalp and Their Importance, As hair loss is a common problem, many people seek help and treatment regarding this. People prefer hair transplant procedures, which are the best option for hair loss treatment. Regardless of the hair type, anyone can have hair transplant operations. However, there are some considerations you need to know before the surgery. Zones of the scalp are one of these issues that you should know about before the procedure.


The forehead is the most visible area of our face. It can be defined as the area from the eyebrows to the front hairline.

The wide forehead can be congenital. However, various reasons that arise later may cause the hair to regress and widen the forehead. A broad forehead, which usually causes problems among women, can be narrowed by hair transplant to the forehead.

Front Hairline

The front hairline is the most crucial area that affects the naturalness of the hair transplant operation.

Its density and shape should match the shape of the face. The correct determination of this line is only possible with aesthetic knowledge and ability. Therefore, the hairline design should be identified by specialist plastic surgeons.

Determination of hairline differs according to the person’s face shape. Since there are different head and face shapes, a standard measurement technique cannot be applied. For this reason, the dimensions used in the design of the front hairline should be custom-made. All these criteria must be planned correctly in order to create a perfect hairline, thereby obtaining excellent results.

Crown Region

The crown starts from the rotating point of the hair. Because this area in the scalp is upright and is a candidate area to be seen easily, this area can be called the billboard of the scalp. It is a little more difficult to close this place in a single session.

The shedding on the temples generally occurs due to androgenetic hair loss. In cases where the hair loss is backwards from the temples, the local hair transplant is available. This region has a relatively less blood vessel than the front and is more difficult to feed.

Vertex Area

The vertex is the highest point of the skull on the midline. The vertex area is between the frontal bone and the occipital bone. Another area affecting the naturalness of hair transplant is the vertex region. 

Hair in the vertex region has a different dynamic in itself. Each strand of hair has a different direction and angle. Hair loss usually begins from the vertex area, whether male or female. 

Temporal Side

It is generally the most preferred regional hair transplant area as well as the front hairline. You may experience hair loss in the side corners of the hair genetically or by external factors. It is easier to achieve successful results because few grafts are sufficient for the side region.

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